Radhika Apte India magazine January 2016 Photos

On first impression, you could be fooled by Radhika APTE imagine his friend as an eclectic artistic home, and that you always have a secret crush on, but not the courage to ask her out.
However, she has Anurag Kashyap on speed dial. It is enough that it has played a starring role in "serious cinema" to win the title is the formal name of the Queen of independent films. E pays men insomnia with those bright eyes liquids.
So the reality is, Radhika APTE than just a way to get out of your league.
At its first meeting Bollywood pin-up guy thinking about making it in the film talks, dealing with the masses, working with Rajinikanth and more.
By breaking in ...
"I've been doing theater for 14 years. We've had some offers in Bombay once, and this gave me the tests for films. Finally I moved here. Hello to you in Badlapur may have been a great first step (in power), as it was a commercial success. I started to get offers that do not come my way before. but I do not think I have cracked after ... "
For treatment of crazed fans and internet trolls ...
"People will my picture and send me a fee, or to tell me," I dream of you "on Twitter. This time, I had a few people threaten me in the middle of the night, was the man who had come to install an Internet connection at home, you may have seen Shor in the city I knew who I am. "
In the first game fan who like ...
"I was at a friends party in Juhu, waiting for my car the pair came to me and said," Hey, are you Radhika APTE? We were talking about you! We want to take pictures with you. "I was very open. They spoke to me as an equal partner. For the first time, I found myself enjoying attention. These people actually like my job (in Badlapur and Hunterr) overall., People are in fear of its association with the film industry and they want to take photos when they do not even know you or your business. so I've been mistaken for Miss India once. "
His marriage ...
"My husband lives in London, I spend half my time there. I have never hidden the fact that I married, but it does not matter to some directors and actors, and I was given suggestions to avoid telling people I'm married."
Rajinikanth in ...
"He is a man the most beautiful I've worked with. And works hard. It was without a work stoppage since September 18th. In between shots, and goes to a corner and sit quietly. And formed his entire two people who worked with him for 10 years the environment."
In order to make a number of ...
"If the goal is just to show a little skin, then there is no way on earth I'm doing it. I do not have any problem with sensual numbers, but there must be a reason why I agree. Omkara, through, for example, had some songs that were really nice. I was not just "here, look at my beauty. "
In doing Bollywood filming ...
"In the face of camera'm film never nervous. But in front of the camera still, I always shitting bricks. I have panic attacks, and I do not know how to move in front of the camera."

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Radhika Apte India magazine January 2016 Photos
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